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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization utilizes web based technologies and social media outlets to create awareness. Through delivery of actionable insights, you can guide your audience to make positive buying decisions by closely engaging with them in the shopping funnel and nurturing them throughout the buying cycle.

To put the influence of social media into context, studies show that more than 90% of all buyers conduct online research before buying. Additionally, 70% complete the buying cycle independently based on third-party content.

How does WSI help?

With over 2 billion active social media users, social media is the future of successful digital marketing. Therefore, ask yourself;

  • What role are you playing in the buyers’ journey?
  • Is your social media content insightful and engaging?
  • Do you know what content your audience wants?
  • Are you active in the channels your buyers engage in?

At WSI, we have amassed knowledge on these concepts and perfected it to deliver dynamic social media campaigns tailored to your industry and brand. Regardless of the preferred social media outlet of your audience – be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or uTube, we will work with you to create valuable social content that creates brand awareness and results in more visibility and sales.