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Responsive Website Development

The increased demand for web design and development to keep up with changing resolutions of new devices is impractical and quite expensive for most businesses. So, should you focus on one device and risk losing users on other devices? Of course not, WSI has the solution.

How does WSI help?

Through responsive website development, we design websites that respond to users’ environment and behavior regarding screen size, orientation or platform. User experience is, therefore, standardized if not improved whether they are on a laptop, iPad or smartphone.

A responsive website automatically adjusts resolution using flexible layouts and grids, images as well as an innovative use of CSS media queries. This allows us to;

  • Offer mobile visitors a personalized experience
  • Ensure correct indexing by search engines
  • Optimize your site for frequently used keywords by mobile users
  • Condense links to optimize space
  • Organize content for ease of finding and browsing on the go
  • Leverage Local SEO
  • Link your site to and from popular social media sites

At WSI, we recognize that better customer experience and minimal distraction results in faster conversion and more sales. Our experts are therefore dedicated to delivering a responsive website for optimal performance of your business.